Fusing our intelligence, law enforcement and security DNA with great technology

Our innate purpose for defending and protecting people has led us to form ISG. We know companies are facing criminal entities, rogue nation states, internal threats and everyday attempts or carelessness which causes harm and puts their data at risk. Our intelligence/law enforcement DNA allows us to think differently and offers a unique approach to helping our clients. 

Client Success
“Incredible work - and yes you have ! ISG knows Forensics and Security... cold."
- Application Security Executive
Client Success
“Bob's team is sharp and I highly recommend working with the ISG Team!”
– CIO, Major Entertainment client
Client Success
“Knowing NPDF has at its’ disposable ISG’s unique capabilities has proven to be a game changer.”
- Executive Director, National Police Defense Foundation
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Intelligence/ Investigations


Provide investigative expertise to manage threats, litigation support, cyber crimes, fraud, forensics investigations and human intelligence. Applying our diverse background and technology we uncover data from the financial/economic, digital, competitive, external and OSINT enabling the customer to manage, address and remediate internal and external risk.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Leveraging our intelligence/law enforcement DNA, years of experience, eco-system and technology we help clients with Incident Response, Digital Forensics, e Discovery and gathering of evidential artifacts to manage risks and support litigation efforts. 



iSG has partnered with best in breed technology vendors in support of our mission to defend and protect. 

iSG not only partners with these companies we use the technology ourselves

Critical to iSG helping our clients is the necessity to deliver a strong technology portfolio. We are a national partner for a limited set of technologies. Not only do we offer these technologies we actually use a number of them internally in support of our business. 

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Intelligence Services Group, LLC Announces partnership with Veritas ( for Enterprise Data Services platform.

We’re excited to announce iSG will now be providing the market leading security awareness training from KnowBe4.

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