Intelligence Services Group Uncovers Crypto Mining Hack

Intelligence Services Group (iSG) was engaged by major entertainment company for conducting forensics intelligence to address system corruption and possible breach. As a result of a deep and comprehensive forensics interrogation iSG identified several areas of risk/breaches which indicated a takeover of our client’s systems for possible mining of cryptocurrency.

This threat, also known as “cryptojacking”, is a secret method utilizing your systems to mine for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. One way this threat is propagated is thru adware and visiting a compromised web page.

“Although our client had the most up to date malware and endpoint protection software this threat went undetected and caused severe system corruption. Thru our forensics technology and methodology we were able to identify the threats and present recommendations for remediation. Luckily, no data exfiltration or ransomware threats were identified”….says Bob Henderson, CEO Intelligence Services Group.

This is a great example of how companies think they have the most up to date endpoint protection platform (EPP) and will be protected. However, nothing is 100% and the 1-3% that goes undetected introduces severe risk. Digital forensics should be part of your endpoint security and incident response strategy.

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