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Mobile Communications Risk, Are You Prepared?


The mobile wave is here. You can not avoid it. Everywhere I go business is being conducted on mobile devices. Last year at LegalTech in NYC everywhere you looked people were texting, talking, emailing, sharing documents and conducting business on their cell phones. What a hacker’s paradise!! I stopped a few people (happened to be attorneys) if they were concerned about their communications being secure. They didn’t think anyone would care. Really? Were they talking to a client discussing their defense, perhaps reviewing strategy for a company merger, how about proprietary information on market release of a new product, or a privileged communication. Not to mention the document sharing and emails containing IP, etc.

In the past few weeks we have been engaged by our clients ranging from global law firms to global manufacturers wanting to implement an enterprise strength mobile encryption platform. They are ahead of the curve for companies and understand their business is rapidly being done on a mobile platform.

Their use cases vary and range from “out of band” communications for Incident Response to protecting privileged communications to ensuring the executives’ conversations and communications are secure as they discuss mergers/acquisitions and company strategy.

What are your thoughts? Are you prepared, do you have a defense in place, do you care?

Would like to hear what you think.

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