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Disruptive Key Shadowing Technology Eliminates Master Key Storage, Says HyperSpace Security and Intelligence Services Group


The announcement today of our partnership with HyperSpace Security for their patented Key Shadowing technology puts us in a position to deliver a ground breaking and disruptive cryptographic key solution to the market. Now, companies will have the ability to eliminate the single point of failure, the key management system.

Key Shadowing has been in development for over 15 years. Like most great solutions it started with a personal story of it’s inventor, Dane Butzer. His bank account was hacked in 1994 and again in 1997. Driven by the question “Why should a single point of failure exist to hack my financial information” and armed with his Masters in Engineering Dane set off on a scientific and mathematical journey for over 15 years to develop a technology which had 4 goals:

The solution must (1) work every time, (2) be resistant to loss or corruption of some information, (3) be immune to more sophisticated attacks such as those using quantum computing and advances in factoring large numbers, and (4) be fast and easily used.

Thus, the idea of a totally new solution based on hyper-dimensional math was conceived. After Dane spent many years deriving, coding, testing, and patenting his invention, a new technology called Key Shadowing was born!

iSG was chosen as the first partner to bring this technology to market. We can’t be more humbled and honored.

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