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Robert Herjavec: Cybersecurity and the Need for Coolness (Is He BATMAN?)


Last week I listened to a pod cast by CyberCrime Magazine with Robert Herjavec. ( link to podcast )

I have tremendous respect for Robert and what he has accomplished with his company and the services they provide to keep us safe. So, of course I would listen.

The main topic was about the lack of skilled cybersecurity personnel in the market. Several points were mentioned such as the need for training, the shortage of women in the security sector and the lack of PR for evangelizing the “coolness” of being a cybersecurity person.

Robert does have a point on the “coolness” factor for the younger generation. My personal thought on how to deliver this message in additional to PR channels is through mentoring. Just recently I had the opportunity to mentor a recent high school graduate on changing his college major from business to cybersecurity, specifically the field of digital forensics. He was confused as to how he could succeed because he was told by others that unless he had a background or experience in digital forensics in the law enforcement field he would have a difficult time. BS…I explained to him the need for forensics and how the market is embracing this discipline as it relates to cybersecurity and offered some guidance on how to start. Also, provided him a chance to attend a totally free 7-week course on security to give him a good foundation to start his training. So, perhaps the “coolness” message is getting out. But, if you have a chance to influence or a have a conversation with someone on their career direction DON’T hesitate to jump in and help.

One last point on the podcast. When Robert was asked what he thought made cybersecurity professionals “happy” in their job his answer was “BATMAN”. Being able to help others and catch bad guys. He even thought he was “BATMAN”. A pretty cool analogy.

I thought about Robert’s response and reflected on my career in the intelligence/law enforcement field ( read my story on Linkedin: My Story: From COP to IT Executive. The Best Business Training ). So, who is the real BATMAN? I’ll let the readers decide!

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