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Finding your “something”​ Now


How we respond during this nightmare will define us into the future. These responses are predicated on our deep convictions, personality, experiences and beliefs that make up the core of who we are. We all look for “that something “ which sustains us, has worked in the past and we can count on to get us through this difficult period. But, how do we summon that “something” now?

One of the things I do is take time to reflect and remember what it was that got me here; what motivated me to start my company and take the risks. I was reminded of this motivation after reading a post on Peerlyst titled “When Crime Fighters Become Criminals – Do the Ends Justify the Means” by Lewis De Payne ( ). Wow, could I relate!

It started when I was asked to get involved to use my intelligence/forensic experience in support of a high ranking police official who was battling criminal charges brought on by an overzealous and corrupt prosecutor. (this is why the Peerlyst story resonated with me) The defense team knew the prosecutor had conducted a plethora of illegal acts to build a case against this official. They simply were not able to obtain the necessary proof let alone find someone who would stand up to this prosecutor. After conducting an extensive review I knew they were right. Call it crazy, but I dove into the case and was able to uncover those acts (illegal wiretaps, evidence tampering, falsified evidence, witness tampering, falsified grand jury testimony, etc.) This was in addition to obtaining evidence from the prosecutor’s own staff about the internal corruption. Needless to say the entire case blew up and was dismissed with prejudice.

I tell this story because it was that case that spoke to my foundation of helping others in need by doing the right thing. It is that underlying belief which ISG is built on, doing the right thing to help others. Not always easy in troubled times, but this quote by Albert Pike helps me to keep my moral compass pointing in the right direction:

“what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us: what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”

Find your “something” to get your through.