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“To apply our DNA for helping, protecting and educating others to become better stewards for their information”

Clients in every business sector
Experience spans government and private entities
Active members in national cybersecurity organizations


As a licensed agency, we conduct discreet, sensitive, and critical intelligence gathering to investigate internal/external business threats, digital/social investigations, fact-finding services, and litigation support.


Qualified former law enforcement/intelligence and forensics/security analysts deliver deep capabilities to respond and remediate security threats, deliver offensive/defensive mitigation and provide court-admissible evidence.

Security Technology

In support of our purpose to protect clients, we deliver comprehensive security technologies to combat threats and provide information protection across every business sector. EDR/EPP, forensics, mobile encryption, data protection are a sampling of these technologies.

Security Training

Cybercrime continues to evolve at a record pace. The necessity of preparing and educating people has taken center stage in the quest for companies to secure information. We deliver leading training to enhance your human firewall. 

5 stars

iSG conducted a digital forensics investigation due to severe DOS attack on client’s systems. Although, the client had a robust EPP in place iSG uncovered a “crypto mining hack” in which foreign actors took over their servers for mining bitcoin currency. Subsequently, iSG provided a comprehensive remediation plan and assisted the client to develop and implement a stringent security strategy for future prevention.

– Major Entertainment Firm

5 stars

Client experienced a severe security event which may have resulted in a data breach of over 5k customer files. Although, the firm had employed an MSP it quickly became apparent they needed experienced forensics capability to investigate and remediate this event. ISG was retained and responded with our Forensics Response Team within 24 hours. As a result of our actions, we were able to block the attacker(s) from exfiltrating any data, discovered and removed malware and blocked a pending ransomware attack. In conjunction with these defensive tactics, we provided a comprehensive remediation plan to re-engineer their internal infrastructure security posture. As a result, no data exfiltration occurred, malicious malware and ransomware software were removed and a comprehensive security framework for their AD and O365 installations were deployed. 

– Top Strategic NA Communications Firm

5 stars

Because of a Supreme court ruling allowing for nationwide sports gambling the league had concerns about the threat of cyber-attacks on their systems as well as data leakage. iSG was engaged to deliver a total digital forensic platform covering infrastructure and mobile footprint to address these risks. As a result, iSG provided a holistic forensics platform based on the ENCASE forensics technology.

– Major Sports League

iSG not only partners with these companies we use the technology ourselves

Critical to iSG helping our clients is the necessity to deliver a strong technology portfolio. We are a national partner for a limited set of technologies. Not only do we offer these technologies we actually use a number of them internally in support of our business. 

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