Client Success
Sampling of Success Stories Below

iSG protects our client’s privacy and will not publish their names or logos. However, we can share a sampling of their successes:

Major Entertainment Firm: iSG conducted a digital forensics investigation due to severe DOS attack on client’s systems. Although, the client had a robust EPP in place iSG uncovered a “crypto mining hack” in which foreign actors took over their servers for mining bitcoin currency. Subsequently, iSG provided a comprehensive remediation plan and assisted the client to develop and implement a stringent security strategy for future prevention.

Global Agri Business: iSG was engaged to provide a global forensics platform for the client’s SOC. iSG delivered the platform based on the ENCASE forensics technology allowing the business to address global threats through a comprehensive IR, threat hunting and endpoint security architecture.

Major Stock Market Exchange: iSG was engaged to develop and provide investigative capability for IR in the SOC for global investigations. iSG delivered the investigative capability based on the ENCASE forensics technology.

Major Sports League: Because of a Supreme court ruling allowing for nationwide sports gambling the league had concerns about the threat of cyber-attacks on their systems as well as data leakage. iSG was engaged to deliver a total digital forensic platform covering infrastructure and mobile footprint to address these risks. As a result iSG provided a holistic forensics platform based on the ENCASE forensics technology.

Investigation of Prosecutorial Abuse Against Police Chief: iSG was retained to conduct a discreet investigation to combat a case of political persecution against a sitting Chief of Police. Over 15 criminal charges were filed which could have resulted in prison time of more than 30 years. As a result of iSG’s intelligence gathering which included electronic, digital forensics, human, communication and documentary evidence all criminal charges were dropped and the case was dismissed with prejudice.

Top Ten Global Investment/Wealth Management Company: Client needed to upgrade their digital forensics platform to enable global remote and discreet investigations for IR, GDPR readiness and endpoint security to combat internal and external risks. iSG was engaged to provide the architecture and digital forensics platform based on the ENCASE technology.